At Sports and Orthopaedic Specialists, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the services we offer, so we have conducted patient experience surveys since our inception. We find feedback useful and we thought you might find it helpful as well. Most of our patients first hear about us from other patients—friends and family who came here and had such a good experience they told others about us. Their comments help demonstrate why they recommend us so frequently.

"I saw Jeff Ballard & Dr. Mark Heller regarding a hip replacement. This was my first visit with either of them and I must say I received EXCELLENT information and was treated well. Very professional and very informative."

Dr. Bellamy and his staff are always pleasant, professional, and caring. They have a sense of humor. Highly recommend.

"I flew from Rochester, NY to St. Paul to have hip replacement surgery by Dr. Heller at the recommendation of family. I am very pleased with the excellent care & Dr. Heller's expertise."

"Dr. Heller shows concern and is very informative with the questions I had regarding my surgery. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Heller to friends and family who would need his type of services."

"Dr. Robby Bershow is both personable & knowledgeable.  This is my second experience with him - he's great!"

"Dr. Bershow is kind, caring and funny. He knows his specialty."

"My experience with Dr. Daniel Buss and his assistant was what I have come to expect after 3 previous shoulder repairs. He is extremely thorough and thoughtful, and tells me exactly what I need to do to have the best outcome.  All of his surgeries have been extremely successful and my recoveries have been rapid. He is warm and enthusiastic, and I am always optimistic after the post-op visit."

"The entire staff of Dr. Buss's office was the best that I have ever experienced. I almost wanted to have other problems so I could go back to see them!"

"Dr. Buss is very, very good at what he does. I suspect there's none better. His excellence extends to everyone I've met associated with his practice. I'd rather not have needed shoulder surgery, but given I needed it, it's such a pleasure to deal with Dr. Buss and his practice."

"Dr. Michael Freehill and his associates were attentive and courteous. He addressed some things I had questions and concerns about before I even had to bring them up. It was nice to see a doctor being proactive like that."

"Dr. Freehill operated on my right shoulder on March 16, everything went perfectly and I now have a new shoulder that feels and functions as it should.  I was at his office for my 3 month check-up. I cannot praise him enough for the entire process, his skill and wonderful manner of relating with me, always providing the information needed and the exact PT necessary for my situation. He is the greatest. I have already recommended him to others needing shoulder help."

"Dr. Aimee Klapach and her staff were great. Very personable, professional and knowledgeable!"

"I would recommend Dr. Klapach to anyone in need of knee surgery. This was my 4rd ACL Surgery and I have never felt more confident and assured by my doctor's evident knowledge, skills, and approach to a solution. Thank you, Dr. Klapach!"

"I actually considered sending a personal "thank you" note to Dr. Klapach after my appointment. She listened very careful to what I said, ordered the appropriate X-ray test & her results were available immediately. Her diagnosis of my issue seemed to perfectly fit what I was experiencing. She was super attentive, polite & professional. I left feeling very well taken care of."

"I was really impressed with Dr. Pearce McCarty. He was very informative and was great about listening to me and answering all my questions. He made me feel really comfortable with the treatment I was going to need. All I can say is thank you."

"Dr. McCarty explained my condition very well in terms and diagrams I could understand. He also explained options for treatment and exactly what he was going to do to treat the injury. He is very professional and very personable and down to earth.

"Sports and Orthopaedic Specialists with Dr. McCarty, Allison Petersen and Matthew Rolfe are very personable, easy to understand, and very professional.  So far, I am very satisfied with them."

"Dr. Sean Willey is a wonderful, caring, smart doctor and he exemplifies everything in the Allina Health promise. He always treats me with respect and patience, explains everything in simple terms, answers all of my questions, and provides solutions that work. I feel very fortunate to be in their care.  He and Kristen are both excellent."

"Dr. Sean Willey was very understanding and also, very respectful. He answered all of my questions. Very patient."

"Both the ATC and Dr. Greg Folsom gave me a great deal of attention and information about my knees. I came away from the appointment reassured about my medical problem."

"I would recommend Dr. Elizabeth Plocher to anyone. She is a highly skilled physician, and did an incredible job putting my wrist back together."

"My experience with Dr. Jamie Peters has been very good. Understands my concerns & explains my conditions well."

"Noelle Maze, NP is always courteous, knowledgeable, compassionate and caring. It's a pleasure to consult with her."

"I'm generally curious and Noelle provided additional explanation about my condition so that I was better able to converse about it using correct terms and get a better sense about how the physical therapy I'm doing can help and what it can't do."

"Chris Miskec, PA-C was very professional yet easy to communicate with. I am very satisfied that she gave me helpful information and provided a good treatment plan."

"Ryan Olsen, PA-C is excellent in his knowledge & skill. I always feel comfortable when I need an injection in my knee to go to see him!"

"Allison Petersen, PA-C is a wonderful provider! I so appreciate her!"

"Sabrina Siple, PA-C did a great job explaining my post-operative appointment. She went through the surgery notes and explained the recovery. I've been very happy with the entire team."

"Physician's Assistant Brad Sipley, PA-C is outstanding in every way. He is knowledgeable about my medical conditions, a wonderful teacher who explained my surgical photographs, a master of appropriate professional and personal communication between professional and patient, and outstanding listener. He was interested in the items that I discussed with him regarding the discharge procedure that I thought could have been handled better, and a person who made sure that everything I wanted to discuss had been discussed before we concluded our appointment. I recommend him without reservation."

"Brad Sipley is professional, efficient, and pays attention to his patients. He and Dr. Klapach are an excellent team."

"Brad really appeared to care about my injury and my concerns on how it has affected my life and really appeared to make decisions & recommendations that would help me get my LIFE back!!!"

"Brad is an excellent PA! He listens, offers options, allows me to choose conservative alternatives, and never pushes me to choose more aggressive treatment."

"The whole team in this office is excellent. They work together to solve problems and provide exceptional care."

"All the providers have given me VERY good care. They always have my best outcome as a priority."

"I have complete confidence in the assessment of my surgical progress, and moving forward I know exactly the protocol and time line for healing. Also, I always learn something new - I much appreciate the time allowed for engagement."

"The entire staff is professional they truly care and take time to listen they make sure you totally understand everything."