Post-Operative Hip/Knee/Ankle/Foot

bandagegirlAfter hip, knee, ankle, or foot surgery, there are certain post-operative protocols to follow so that your shoulder and/or elbow can heal properly. Your physician will know which post-operative protocol(s) are right for you.

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Principles for Post-operative Lower Extremity Rehabilitation

- Adhere to postoperative precautions. 

- Respect tissue healing.  The surgeons at Sports & Orthopaedic Specialists uniformly prefer a slow progression of postop patients with minimal postoperative pain. 

- Postoperative pain may be experienced.  However physical therapy, including the home exercise program, should result in minimal to no symptom exacerbation.  The patient should call the PT for recommendations if pain increases during or after exercise. 

- The therapeutic exercises in the protocols convey the appropriate load for the shoulder given the time elapsed since surgery in regards to tissue healing.  It is acceptable for a patient to progress more slowly.  However, it is not acceptable for a patient to progress more quickly unless directly indicated by the surgeon. 

- Encourage patient use of ice until pain free or 8 weeks after surgery. 

- No manual therapy unless explicitly prescribed by the surgeon.  No passive range of motion.  No theraband.  No pulleys.  


Knee Post-Operative Protocols

ACL Reconstruction | PDF
PCL Reconstruction | PDF
Meniscus Repair | PDF
MPFL Reconstruction | PDF
High-Tibial Osteotomy  | PDF


Ankle Post-Operative Protocols

Achilles Tendon Repair | PDF
Ankle Fracture with Syndesmosis Repair | PDF
Ankle Fracture without Syndesmosis Repair | PDF
Lateral Ligament Repair with Internal Brace | PDF