Performing Research, Providing Better Care

Research Sports and Orthopaedic Specialists is committed to conducting research because of our dedication to continuously enhancing the medical care we offer our patients. By conducting research, publishing the results and presenting them to audiences around the world, we are able to stay connected to the orthopaedic and sports medicine network that produces the very best information and technology available. SAOS engages in various components of research and education such as conducting clinical studies, lecturing on clinical and surgical techniques, publishing original research, contributing to text book chapters, serving as consultant reviewers for industry journals and serving as faculty to the Fairview/MOSMI Orthopedic Sports Medicine Fellowship program, which trains orthopaedic surgeons just out of their residency in the sub-specialty of sports medicine.

Currently SAOS is participating in several clinical research projects of our own and in collaboration with other practices. SAOS providers and staff have provided a pre-season screening clinic for overhead athletes over the past 5 years and have created an ongoing database of the findings. We are also actively involved in industry-initiated studies to evaluate different varieties of implants. Our original research is continually evolving, with new projects always on the horizon. Please see our list of journal publications for the research we have done.

Current Projects:

  • Prevalence of SLAP Repairs in Patients Over 45 Years of Age
  • Database of Amateur Overhead Athlete Pre-season Screenings
  • Risks of Contralateral Rotator Cuff Pathology
  • Pre-Season Analysis of Professional Pitchers
  • Complications Observed Following Labral Repair or Rotator Cuff Repair with Use of Poly-L-Lactic Acid Implants
  • Analysis of Posterior-Inferior Capsular Release in Throwers

These studies are examples of in-depth research produced by our group relating to the efficiency and appropriate treatment of our patients.