At Sports and Orthopaedic Specialists, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the services we offer, so we have conducted patient experience surveys since our inception. We find feedback useful and we thought you might find it helpful as well. Most of our patients first hear about us from other patients—friends and family who came here and had such a good experience they told others about us. Their comments help demonstrate why they recommend us so frequently.



"I enjoy contact and communication with Dr. Heller - he came highly recommended to me from a good friend who had experience with him. I have since discovered other friends that have had Dr. Heller as their Surgeon, and each and everyone has been more than pleased with their experience."

"I was very impressed with Dr. Anderson and his assistant. A high level of trust and respect was established right away. I feel comfortable, as well as fortunate, to be in such capable hands."

"Dr. Daniel Buss is a true professional and an excellent provider. I know when I see him for my medical care I will be treated with the utmost care & respect. His staff of athletic trainers are outstanding as well!"

"Dr. Anthony Anderson replaced both my hip and knee during Fall 2016. I am extremely pleased with the results and feel that he and his team took excellent care of me. He was always willing to answer any questions and took time to see me every day during my hospital stays. I have already sent him a patient and will continue to recommend him."

"Dr. Anderson was available throughout my rehab. He'd call me back and even respond to my medical messages. I was so satisfied with his work and his attention when I needed."

"Dr. Joe Bellamy and his staff are always pleasant, professional, and caring. They have a sense of humor. Highly recommend."

"It was an awesome experience with Dr. Bellamy. I was called in for an X-ray within a few minutes of arriving early & before seeing the doctor. When I was roomed, Aaron came in within a couple minutes and did all the pre-MD exam. He was very nice, thorough and knowledgeable. Dr. Bellamy and his PA, Cora Gibbs, PA-C, came in real quickly. He was so nice and down to earth. I am so happy I came to see him and his team. I'm very confident in his ability to diagnosis my issues and my foot actually felt better by the evening after Aaron fitted me with a brace. I would highly recommend him to others. Also, the front office staff was very nice too!!!"

"Dr. Robby Bershow is both personable and knowledgeable. This is my second experience with him - he's great!"

"Dr. Bershow is kind, caring and funny. He knows his specialty."

"I saw Dr. Daniel Buss yesterday. He operated on my right shoulder 3 years ago. Thanks to his excellent care, I am going to teach in China again in my sabbatical this semester after 6 years of a medical ordeal. Words can hardly express how grateful I am--I feel truly blessed. I am always amazed at how much work he did from so few of small cuts--the scars all disappeared as if nothing ever happened. Such skills and ability. Wow! People just can't believe I am able to go back to intense level of cello performance and orchestra conducting again. After only a few years, I was like a bird with a broken wing from my injured right shoulder. Truly grateful for Dr. Buss."

"The entire staff of Dr. Buss's office was the best that I have ever experienced. I almost wanted to have other problems so I could go back to see them!"

"Dr. Buss is very, very good at what he does. I suspect there's none better. His excellence extends to everyone I've met associated with his practice. I'd rather not have needed shoulder surgery, but given I needed it, it's such a pleasure to deal with Dr. Buss and his practice."

"Dr. Trent Christensen was really great. I felt like he truly listened to me and didn't try to rush me out the door. When he suggested medication that I didn't want to take, and I told him that, he then gave me tons of options non-medication related to help with my injury. I'm very grateful to have met with him and looking forward to the follow-up. I feel like I'm on the right path now and was grateful for the time he spent with me."

"Both the athletic trainer and Dr. Greg Folsom gave me a great deal of attention and information about my knees. I came away from the appointment reassured about my medical problem."

"Excellent, excellent, excellent experience. Dr. Folsom and Erin Chheang, PA-C are very nice and personable!!!"

"I was in the ER on Monday night due to extreme pain in my right knee. On Wednesday I came to see Dr. Folsom and today I am pain-free. Thank you! Thank you!"

"Seeing Dr. Michael Freehill was the best experience I have been had with a doctor's office! The whole staff blew me away. I love them all! Dr. Freehill is incredible!"

"Dr. Freehill and his staff were some of the most gracious people I have ever met! I had fallen on ice and damaged my shoulder. Dr. Freehill treated me with concern and gentilness I deeply appreciated. He repaired my son-in-law's dreadfully damaged shoulder a few years ago, and for myself, I would not want to have another surgeon. He is the best!"

"Dr. Freehill and his staff are excellent. They are prompt, knowledgeable, and do a great job of explaining treatment options and future care. I would recommend Dr. Freehill to anyone who wants excellent medical care due to a shoulder condition."

Along with my internist, Dr. Gad is the best Allina physician I have seen in the 10 years I've been an Allina patient. He is warm, welcoming and expresses his concern and care. A+

Dr. Gad performed a total knee replacement on my left knee in March, 2018. Recovery has been without incident and I have scheduled my right knee replacement for September. Dr. Gad and his team have been excellent to me and I would certainly recommend him to anyone who needs an excellent ortho surgeon!

"Dr. Paresh Ghodge was very nice. He knew what was wrong and fixed it. He is very knowledgeable about his field. Excellent doctor!"

"I think Dr. Matt Gorman is very nice and a good doctor, and very helpful in all the information that I need to know."

"I flew from Rochester, NY to St. Paul to have hip replacement surgery by Dr. Heller at the recommendation of family. I am very pleased with the excellent care & Dr. Heller's expertise."

"Dr. Heller is obviously very passionate about his work and his patients. He knows his profession well and truly seems to love what he does. This gives you great confidence in what he does. I have referred him to many people already."

"Dr. Heller has an excellent reputation and after using his services now I know why."

"I am happy to have a wonderful and understanding physician like Dr. Andrew Houghton and very helpful for his team at this clinic."

"I have utmost confidence in Dr. Aimee Klapach and her team, and my visit yesterday affirmed my belief that she is one of the best orthopedic knee surgeons in the Twin Cities. The Allina staff working with her is fantastic as well. I was impressed with the immediate follow-up I received when I first called with my issue last week, and I was able to get in to see her at my preferred location within days. Once I arrived, I sat in the waiting room less than a minute and was able to see Dr. Klapach within about five minutes. Everyone there was friendly, efficient and informative, including the care coordinator who set up my MRI. I wish every doctor's appointment could be this terrific. As we contemplate next steps, I am 100% confident I am in good hands. Thank you!"

"The experience was top notch from beginning to end. My questions were answered and my immediate need addressed. Dr. Klapach is the best!"

"I actually considered sending a personal "thank you" note to Dr. Klapach after my appointment. She listened very careful to what I said, ordered the appropriate X-ray test & her results were available immediately. Her diagnosis of my issue seemed to perfectly fit what I was experiencing. She was super attentive, polite & professional. I left feeling very well taken care of."

"I would recommend Dr. Pearce McCarty, as I have to friends. He is very highly skilled surgeon, with a superb caring heart for all his patients’ needs. I have been extremely happy with my care and access for all my appointments."

"As an emergency room physician myself, I can appreciate the skill and knowledge base of Dr. McCarty. I would return to him without hesitation, and will when I need further intervention on my left shoulder."

"I have heard wonderful things about your clinic from several friends and acquaintances.  I was impressed by the amount of time and how well Dr. McCarty  explained my condition to me.  Dr. McCarty was approachable, he made me feel comfortable and addressed the questions I had."

"Everything was prompt, professional and clearly explained. The reception area x-ray facility and exam room was spotless, well lighted and comfortable. I left with a high level of confidence that I had received excellent care and professional advice. I have a clear plan going forward and I will follow Dr. McCarty's advice to the letter and I'm sure it will result in a +100% positive result."

"Dr. McCarty did a rotator cuff repair for me 9 years ago when I was a resident of Minnesota. I recently had a fall and injured my other shoulder. I requested a consult and he got me in right away even though I now live in Michigan. He also got me an MRI the same day and the MRI tech was absolutely wonderful! Thanks."

"Dr. Sean Willey is a wonderful, caring, smart doctor and he exemplifies everything in the Allina Health promise. He always treats me with respect and patience, explains everything in simple terms, answers all of my questions, and provides solutions that work. I feel very fortunate to be in their care.  He and Kristen are both excellent."

"Very courteous staff. Dr. Sean Willey was kind, answered my questions and reviewed the process forward.  Excellent demeanor and help. He was very understanding and also very respectful. He answered all of my questions. He is very patient."

"Megan Ayers Assad, PA-C is an excellent provider. Besides all of the above, she was a very patient, intuitive and caring listener. She gave up part of her lunch hour to accommodate my schedule! Thank you!"

"I saw Jeff Ballard, PA-C & Dr. Mark Heller regarding a total joint replacement. I have never experienced a clinic run like this. Everything was perfect!"

"Vinh Dang, PA-C is an outstanding PA. I am so grateful to have found him. He is the best! He could teach some of the doctors I work with how to treat patients!!"

"Vinh Dang, PA-C is excellent in helping me heal from my frozen shoulder and taking into account my stage 4 cancer. He is one of the best providers I have ever seen, combining expertise, empathy, and gentleness."

"Cindi Mansur, PA-C was great. She listened to me and explained things in terms I could understand. I was a little apprehensive that I wasn't following up with Dr. Freehill but she set my mind at ease and made me feel at ease. I have already recommended Dr. Freehill and his team to a friend who needs the same surgery I had."

"Noelle Maze, NP was very knowledgeable. She took time to explain everything and give me time to ask questions, she showed me results based on X-rays and therapy, she was warm and understanding, she offers I call at any time with any questions. She was fantastic!"

"Chris Miskec, PA-C was excellent. Thorough with all explanations. She covered my shoulder issue completely.  Explained the MRI results and my shoulder impingement. She was very concerned for my recovery."

"I've been seeing Ryan Olsen, PA-C for many years for an orthopedic injury. He has always remembered me and my history even if it's been a few years in between visits. He is very knowledgeable, capable, thorough and pleasant."

"Ryan Olsen, PA-C came to the waiting area and brought my back to the exam room a few minutes prior to my appointment. Wow, that never happens. He was very thorough and professional. I have told many people about this group of doctors, PA's and other staff. I will never go to anyone else. Top notch group!!"

"I have been seeing Allison Petersen, PA-C and Dr. McCarty for 3 years now, which included two surgeries. I could not have asked for more caring and competent providers!  I have been so happy with my care. The whole staff of Sports and Orthopaedic Specialties is excellent, and I recommend them to anyone who will listen!! Thank you!"

"Sports and Orthopaedic Specialists with Dr. McCartyAllison Petersen, PA-C and Matthew Rolfe, PA-C are very personable, easy to understand, and very professional.  So far, I am very satisfied with them."

"Sabrina Siple, PA-C did a great job explaining my post-operative appointment. She went through the surgery notes and explained the recovery. I've been very happy with the entire team."

"Physician's Assistant Brad Sipley, PA-C is outstanding in every way. He is knowledgeable about my medical conditions, a wonderful teacher who explained my surgical photographs, a master of appropriate professional and personal communication between professional and patient, and outstanding listener. He was interested in the items that I discussed with him regarding the discharge procedure that I thought could have been handled better, and a person who made sure that everything I wanted to discuss had been discussed before we concluded our appointment. I recommend him without reservation."

"I am one of Brad Sipley, PA-C's biggest cheerleaders from the very first appointment with him. The injections in my knees were done with such expertise that barely felt the needle go into them. I wish all support staff for doctors were as caring, know their field of expertise and were as genuinely interested in patient care as he is. BRAD IS TRULY ONE OF THOSE PROFESSIONALS!"

"Brad Sipley, PA-C was great, very kind, considerate and caring and he explained things very well, and took his time to do so. Excellent experience."

"Brad, Sipley, PA-C is an excellent PA! He listens, offers options, allows me to choose conservative alternatives, and never pushes me to choose more aggressive treatment."



"The whole team in this office is excellent. They work together to solve problems and provide exceptional care."

"You have an awesome hiring practice! I can literally feel the love and care from all I have dealt with. I have had a 6 year relationship with this office."

"All the providers have given me VERY good care. They always have my best outcome as a priority."

"I have complete confidence in the assessment of my surgical progress, and moving forward I know exactly the protocol and time line for healing. Also, I always learn something new - I much appreciate the time allowed for engagement."

"The entire staff is professional they truly care and take time to listen they make sure you totally understand everything."